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 The Eternality of Forever (GB)

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The Eternality of Forever (GB) Empty
PostSubject: The Eternality of Forever (GB)   The Eternality of Forever (GB) Icon_minitimeWed Nov 28, 2012 2:32 am

Guest blogger Rogue Fighter joins us today!

The eternality of forever.

What is... forever?
What is an... eternity?
What do they have in common?

For simplicity's sake, let's say they're synonymous.
But that still leaves the following questions:

Can humans fully comprehend the terms "forever" or "eternity"?
Where do "forever" and "eternity" start and end?
Why do we even have a word for it, if it is something we cannot fully comprehend or grasp, or better yet prove the existence of at all?

In my personal experience, "forever" is a lie. A promise that can only be made, but never kept. "Forever" is a word to describe what is simply said as "to the end of the human lifetime". Where does forever start? Where might it end? In my experience, forever is essentially the space between the present point and the time the speaker dies. It is all they will ever see and experience in their lifetime. (Technically, forever means the space between the present point and the end of time itself.)

Similarly, I see eternity as merely being the existence of all time. Eternity has no beginning or end. Eternity is essentially, in its deepest, truest form, the being of time and passing time itself. Eternity can be comprehended by humans on a limited scope. Humans cannot fully comprehend a thousand years, yet they can comprehend a hundred. They can see eternity on a smaller, simpler scale.

Why do we have a word for "forever"? I see no reason to. After all, if forever doesn't truly exist outside of our minds, why bother to name it? To quell the dangerous unknown inside ourselves, that would go on "forever" for something? If we can see eternity, why can we not see "forever"? My best bet?

"Forever" is the emotions speaking.
Eternity is simply wisdom knowing.

Rogue out
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The Eternality of Forever (GB)
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