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 [13+]Platonic and Not-So-Platonic Soul Bros (And Sisters)

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[13+]Platonic and Not-So-Platonic Soul Bros (And Sisters) Empty
PostSubject: [13+]Platonic and Not-So-Platonic Soul Bros (And Sisters)   [13+]Platonic and Not-So-Platonic Soul Bros (And Sisters) Icon_minitimeSun Sep 01, 2013 11:44 pm

[10:13:52 PM] Zhema: the most awkward moment ever is talking to your matesprit about whether or not you feel pale only or slightly flushed regarding your moirail.
[10:15:04 PM] Zhema: what's even worse is when you know he and his are slightly flushed and you're like, mine is practically my little brother

Okau. I am bisexual. But. Here's the awkwardest thing ever.

My lovely Matesprit, AD, and his lovely Moirail, CS, aren't simply platonic. And I'm quite okay with this, as long as I can have some alone time with AD occasionally.

But my Moirail, RT, and I are not flushed, but merely platonic. And I love this. I would not have it any other way.

And my kismesis.. I would have effed him in a heartbeat. For the four years I knew him. I loved him. And I wanted to rip his face off and bury him under the house. Dearest Saber, that rivalry will never be forgotten.

And my former Matesprit, the lovely Wes. I would have done anything for him. Seriously. But I take the celibacy end of the Jediic religion seriously!

I have an ongoing Auspistice with JG, but that's between ashen and nonexistent.

So yes:
<3 AD <> CS
<> RT
<3< Saber
</3 Wes
>8o JG
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[13+]Platonic and Not-So-Platonic Soul Bros (And Sisters)
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