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The blog of Ranye A McDonald. Don't expect complicated BS!
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 Eh... heheh...

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River Song
River Song

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Eh... heheh... Empty
PostSubject: Eh... heheh...   Eh... heheh... Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2012 3:40 am

I wanted to create a blog, so I did :3

I don't know how much of me you guys will see.
Maybe some of my RPs, some youtube I liked, IDK. I haven't blogged in years.

(I don't know who will even read this. Maybe my Pleio friends; they're the only ones nosy enough! I'm got amazing stories but I'm honestly a boring person!)

About me. My name is Ranye. I'm 19. I have a few nerdy obsessions, such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who (Still on the 10th doctor), Homestuck and LOLcats. I never keep up with what's on TV or the news or even foreign conflicts because I am constantly traveling in and out of Antarctica. While in England or the states, I take college classes. However, I photograph wildlife in Antarctica as well as guide summer tourist groups (usually bird watchers). I love to knit... because scarves are a premium commodity down there, perhaps, or maybe the rhythm. Whatever it is, it's fun.
I sculpt and hope to open an Etsy with a long-time friend soon.
I have an obsession that borders on creepy with Angela of Inheritance. She intrigues me incessantly and I am determined to one day learn her past.
I play WYD Global as QuiGonJinn, a mortal foema. I used to play WOW and Diablo, but that was eons ago. I can on occasion be found on Guild Wars, though I have yet to upgrade to GWII. Other than that, I play as Sharu on Howrse Int'l and Terezi on Equideow. Finally, I have an old DragCave, Symbiont, occasionally maintained.
I'm also a big fan of the Blood Coven Vampires books. This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the fact that my favorite of the two twins in the book and I have the same last name and first names a single letter swap off.

Last but not least, I'd like to clear up confusion on the name Symbiont.
Symbi Jay is a friend of mine. Technically, she is Symzi.
Symeon Ramoc is Symie.
Arok Miller is Simba.
Jayde Chima is Symli.
I am Symbi, or Symbiont, the first. I had the name, and they copied it and then we formed a club. I was president. The club still exists we just don't talk anymore.

Eh... heheh... Ranye2012

Me? I think?
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Eh... heheh...
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