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 Three Sites No User Online Should Miss

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Three Sites No User Online Should Miss Empty
PostSubject: Three Sites No User Online Should Miss   Three Sites No User Online Should Miss Icon_minitimeTue Oct 29, 2013 1:29 pm

Okay, it has come to my attention that their are three sites no one should ever NOT visit online.

Cheezburger Network

With LOLcats, LOLdogs, Failblog and more, Cheezburger Network is totally the site for laughs. Looking to find funny fixes to broken items? Try ThereIFixedIt. Looking to find memes? Memebase has them. I started with this amaziing site in 2010 and have never stopped going back. I personally recommend ThereIFixedIt, my favorite Cheezburger site, as well as LOLcats and Daily Squee. (Hint-my dog has been featured in Daily Squee under the title "Guardian Angel".)

The Chive
I recently came across the Chive and have spent the last week lookiing at photos on there. Well known for their KCCO message (Keep Calm and Chive On), the Chive is full of great stuff to help you make your week a bit more worth living.

This Is Why I'm Broke
This website is full of Geekery and just awesome stuff, both currently available and discontinued, that was for sale online at some point. A lot of new items are added frequently. We're talking everything from heart-shaped sparklers to a gigantic Reddit alien statue to Dr. Who light-up lingerie. And yes, all three have actually been found on

That's all for now.

As a side note, we are expanding to a life hacks section which will soon be moved off site.
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Three Sites No User Online Should Miss
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