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 Commish List for 3D prints

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River Song
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Commish List for 3D prints Empty
PostSubject: Commish List for 3D prints   Commish List for 3D prints Icon_minitimeTue Dec 10, 2013 3:58 am

Current Character Commishes

Character: Ocahno
Site: EV
Owner: Nepeta_Leijon (MumbledPrayers)
Paid: yes

Character: Leis Kor
Site: (formerly from DrA)
Owner: Leis Kor
Paid: (surprise)

Character: Al Dragonia?
Site: (formerly from DrA)
Owner: Al D
Paid: pending

OPEN reserve now!!
Post below using the form.
Paypal-60$ if you aren't a friend. All 3D orders are final and payment MUST be made before commish is started.
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Commish List for 3D prints
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