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River Song
River Song

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kill your curiosity

  • 1. Last kiss-Wesley. ~2010.

  • 2. Last phone call-Earlier, to my mother.

  • 3. Last text message-Sending my datemate something.

  • 4. Last song you listened to-Let it go, male dub.

  • 5. Last time you cried-the other day. I was cranky.


  • 6. Dated someone twice-no. four different people.

  • 7. Been cheated on-no.

  • 8. Self harmed-no.

  • 9. Lost someone special-Wesley...

  • 10. Been depressed-yep. many times.

  • 11. Been drunk and threw up-never even been drunk.


  • 12. had sex-no. (If in my head counts, yes.)

  • 13. How many people have you had sex with this year?-0. (In my head, around 2.)

  • 15. Made a new friend-yes ^^

  • 17. Laughed until you cried-don't think so.

  • 18. Met someone who changed you-YES, I certainly have Razz 

  • 19. Found out who your true friends were-nope, that was last year.

  • 20. Found out someone was talking about you-don't think so.

  • 26. What did you do for your last Birthday-uh.... I think I... IDR. I think I stayed home.

  • 27. What time did you wake up today-between 9 and 10.30

  • 29. Name something you CANNOT wait for-THE HOMESTUCK VIDEO GAME.

  • 30. Last time you saw your all of your siblings at the same time-never. I've never met two of them.

  • 31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life-I'd like to move. And I wish I hadn't become a procrastinator.

  • 32. What are you listening to right now-figure skating and the people over there >> argue

  • 33. When is the last time you had sex?-not answering.

  • 34. Who's getting on your nerves right now-no one.

  • 35. Most visited webpage-equiverse this month, usually Pleated Jeans, or Cheezburger.

  • 36. Favorite colour-most, excluding pink.

  • 37. Nicknames-Symbi, Simba, Tanny, Sid...

  • 38. Relationship Status-not single! but in a hetero relationship D:

  • 39. Zodiac sign-Leo

  • 40. Male or female-I am female, to a degree. I've got a mentally masculine outlook on life, but I never ever admit to it. (This is probably the first time.)

  • 41. Primary school-LPCS/KCA

  • 42. Secondary School-KCA/SRMS

  • 43. High school/college-GMHS/BSHS and CC

  • 44. Eye color-hazel, grey... I'm actually able to change it. (I got told they turned bright red once. Friend still calls me a vampire and won't talk to me.)

  • 46. Height-5'4

  • 47. Do you have a crush on someone-yes Embarassed 

  • 48. What do you like about yourself-my... nothing. I just like my eyes. (And perhaps my Anosmia!)

  • 49. Piercings-ears, one hole in each

  • 50. Tattoos-none

  • 51. Righty or lefty-ambidextrous!


  • 53. First piercing-6 mo, ears

  • 54. First best friend-Natalia, Justin or Troy

  • 55. First hookup-Wesley, 9th grade

  • 56. First Bestfriend-well since you MUST know after I moved, Gabby.


  • 59. Eating-nope Sad 

  • 60. Drinking-water

  • 61. I'm about to-go look at Pleated Jeans after I finish this thing.

  • 62. Listening to-tv

  • 63. Waiting for-my friend to get off work


  • 64. Want kids?-no... unless my spouse does. In which case, if the dad is my current bf, it will be a boy named Luke Sky. If anyone else is my spouse (I'm a pansexual, so I do mean anyone.) I want to name the kid Jake. It's a long-running familial joke.

  • 65. Get married?-yes ^^

  • 66. Career-PROGRAMMING.


  • 67. Lips or eyes-eyes

  • 68. Hugs or kisses-hugs

  • 69. Shorter or taller-taller

  • 70. Older or Younger-not fussy. I do draw a line at three years older, two younger though.

  • 71. Romantic or spontaneous-both have their merits. I'd rather it be romantic though because I am easily startled by spontaneity.

  • 72. Nice stomach or nice arms-either ^^

  • 73. Sensitive or loud-either? I guess? I'd rather them be quieter as to not startle the crap outta me.

  • 74. Hook-up or relationship-relationship.


  • 76. Kissed a stranger-yes. I was asleep and called my fifth grade teacher mom and kissed her. Embarassed 

  • 77. Drank hard liquor-no.

  • 78. Lost glasses/contacts-too many times... Rolling Eyes 

  • 79. Had sex-not answering.

  • 80. Broken someone's heart-sadly, yes. And I've regretted it almost three years now...

  • 82. Been arrested-no.

  • 83. Turned someone down-yes... also regretted it.

  • 84. Cried when someone died-Wesley... Crying or Very sad 

  • 85. Fallen for a friend-thrice. Four times. No, five. All of my relationships so far were friendships before. And I have a crush on another...


  • 86. Yourself-no.

  • 87. Miracles-sometimes.

  • 88. Love at first sight-yeah, kinda I guess. Just not for me.

  • 89. Heaven-I want to believe we go somewhere after death. But... do we? I think animals do. Just not humans, I guess.

  • 90. Santa Clause-no.

  • 91. Kiss on the first date-yes, but... it's never happened for me.

  • 92. Angels-yes. My dog Nikki is mine.

  • 93. How would you label yourself?-pan, nerd, intelligent, shy, witty, and bashful (IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN MY BASHFUL SIDE I'M TOLD I GET ADORABLE.)

  • 94. Someone You Pray Everyday For-better grades.

  • 95. Did you sing today-yes. "Let it go"

  • 96. Who From All Your Ex's have You Cared The Most About-Numbers 1 and 2: Wesley and Al. I'll never be able to repair my chance with Wesley... I only regret Al does not wish to let me repair my relationship with him.

  • 97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? I'd go back and watch classic DW.

  • 98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For-I wish for everything to work out... for the better.

  • 99. Are you afraid of falling in love? I am afraid of falling apart, not falling in love.

  • 100. Do you like the way you look?-I want CURLY hair... darker skin... any other hair color because the ginger jokes where on you after a while...

  • Actually ask me something. Anon or not.

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