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PostSubject: NEW AWESOME WEBCOMICS TIME   NEW AWESOME WEBCOMICS TIME Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 2:26 am

Time for another set of awesome webcomics!

They're sorted by those with amazing art and those with a linear storyline.
I've included this info:
The Nature: Art style/linear story info.
The Story: What it's about.
My Rating: On a scale of 0 to 100.

Lunar Baboon
The Nature: Amazingly simple art that really leaves a lasting impression coupled with zany ideas and (presumably) real life stories. Non-linear.
The Story: A humorous look at life with a kid and a tendency towards geekery.
My Rating: 100/100. Of all the ones here today, Lunar Baboon is my favorite by far.

Paradox Space
The Nature: Art and Stories by various artists and writers. Skips around a lot in the canon storyline (as if that ever existed).
The Story: An extended look into the Homestuck Universe. This comic wasn't out until two months after my last post, so it really worked for this space... and fast.
My Rating: Varies. Some of the artists and writers are significantly better than others. "A Day With Bec" and the similar story about GCat were amazing but the one involving Gamzee was gross and boring.

The Life and Times of a Lesbian Chick
The Nature: Nice art, nice stories, non-linear.
The Story: A lesbian's story. Not boring or gross or over emotional. It's got the right amount of everything.
My Rating: 90/100. Not sure where the other ten went but it's not a perfect 100/100 for whatever reason. I can't feel it.

ON A SIDE NOTE: I apologize for slow posts. My grandmother passed away May 12th and I've not updated any of my blogs (Dog Genome Rants excluded) since she passed...
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