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 The Astrological Muses

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The Astrological Muses Empty
PostSubject: The Astrological Muses   The Astrological Muses Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2012 12:16 pm

I have twelve muses, which operate with the zodiac. They have no form; I see each of them as simply a specific colored haze. Below are names, dates and colors.

Clover- March 21 - April 20- medium to dark green, with a hint of yellow
Tiki- April 21 - May 20- red and orange
Ocean- May 21 - June 20- dark blue
Sparkle-June 21 - July 21- pale pink
Motion- July 22 - August 22- pale grey
Creek- August 23 - September 22-white and medium blue
Autumn- September 23 - October 22- yellow and pale orange
Figment- October 23 - November 21- deep purple
Tinkle- November 22 - December 21- light purple and light red
Fade- December 22 - January 20- light grey and black
Runner- January 21 - February 19- light green with hints of brown
Solstice- February 20 - March 20- white and light grey

Each one stands for something, too. I can connect some with events, but not all.

Figment- imagination- NaNoWriMo
Tinkle- Joy- Christmas
Fade- Troubles- end of the year
Runner- hope
Solstice- warmth
Clover- growth
Tiki- inspiration
Ocean- peace
Sparkle- happiness
Motion- going places
Creek- calm
Autumn- spirit

Just an odd look into my seasonal imaginary friends!
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The Astrological Muses
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